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I'm a late bloomer, i did not get my magic until I tuned 15. I can bring nature back to life in short. I come from a family of powerful ravenclaws..

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I come from a Long Line of powerful ravenclaws. I am the youngest child of 5 all of which showed signs of great power at a young age, all except for me. Every member of my family has grown up to to be great and powerful witch or wizard. I started showing signs of my power late, it wasnt until i was 15 that i started showing signs of magic.

My family all thought i was born powerless, that somehow I was a Muggle. There was talk and rumor throughout the family that i was not of their blood, my parents and siblings all felt ashamed and embarrassed of me so they shut me out, disowned me.

The garden is where i spent all of my time, it was a month after my 15th Birthday when I walked over to a rose bush that looked to be on its last life. I touched a rose, and i felt the age in its petals. I closed my eyes in sadness, as it was my favorite rose Bush. When I opened my eyes to the roses beautifully bloomed red, i then came to the realization that i too had magic in my blood.

Since then I have been seeing how much I can do with the flower bushes and trees in the garden, as I'm learning magic all for the first time. My family unsuprisingly were not impressed with my limited power so they sent me to Hogwarts in hopes to crack open my power so i could upholed the family Legacy and reputation.

As a new 5th year student and to top of that, a Hufflepuff. Its going to be tough but i am determined to prove that i can be worthy of my family name, even with being a late bloomer and a Hufflepuff.
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