Sylvie (Todoroki)

Customer service

My name is Sylvie! My other HiH profile is Alex Hamilton and sometimes I rp w/ myself bc i have 2 accounts and I can. My profile pic is John Laurens.

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<font color=purple>Hello! My name is Sylvie! I am in Hufflepuff, and my favorite class is potions. My parents are both muggles, but my siblings and I all have magical abilities.

Gender: Female
School: Castelobruxo
Time zone: Eastern
Patronus: Scottie dog
Status: Pure-blood
Niffler (Bruno)
Cavalier King Charles dog (July)
Animagus: Pomeranian dog
Job: Customer service at Scamander's Creature Case
That's all!
Oh yeah, I'm obsessed with Hamilton, Warriors, and Harry Potter


Name: Tiger Kulo
Nickname: Kitten
Gender: Male
Personality traits: Kind, shy, smart, will argue sometimes, but only if it's worth it, likes to get his money's worth.
Character flaws: Interrupts people a lot, is very unorganized
Appearance: Dark brown hair, tan skin, brown eyes, normally wears jeans, a vest, and a tiger-striped tie.
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, playing chess
Bio: Hello! My name is Tiger Kulo, even though everyone calls me Kitten. My Patronus is a lion, and my animagus is a tiger-striped cat. I don't normally get upset but I will if it's worth it... Everyone calls me Kitten because they say that I'm not like a tiger at all. My parents are both muggles, but they are proud that their only child (me) is a wizard.

Name: Fox Sakuro
Nickname: Just don't
Gender: Female
Personality traits: Sneaky
Character flaws:

Characters I rp as that aren’t mines
John Laurens (who is also my favorite Hamilton character and my profile pic)
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