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Backstory Under complete reconstruction because of the update

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Backstory under reconstruction

"Hold on for a minute
'Cause I believe that we can fix this over time
That every imperfection is a lie,
Or at least an interruption

Now hold on, let me finish
No, I'm not saying perfect exists in this life
But we'll only know for certain if we try"

One - Sleeping At Last

HIH Name: Kathleen Helena Louise Scarbrough (I go by Kate)

Personality: Even I find my personality hard to explain, but here we go. I tend to have a hard time connecting with people (Online and in person) so if I say I consider you my friend you are part of a rare group. When you get me talking about a subject I am passionate about it might take me awhile to stop. I am an INFJ in Meyers Briggs and a Four wing Five in Enneagram. Though I did use the Type Ones song as my qoute as I can tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. Despite being a perfectionist I tend to operate more emotionally than logically, which is not exactly something I'm fond of.

Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpant

Secondary Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (Honestly I often seem more like a ravenclaw than a Slytherin)

Wand: Cedar Wood, Unicorn Hair, 14 1/2 inches, Surprisingly Swishy flexibility

Patronus: Weasel. I was surprised when I got the weasel but after doing some searching it made sense after I did some searching while what different sources say about the weasel patronus can very all the descriptions sort of seemed to fit me and they all agreed on the fact that weasels are intelligent and at least somewhat ruled by instinct.

Animagus Form: A fox. Honestly I would be surprised if a Hogwarts universe version of me didn't become an animagus. I've done just as difficult things for results less cool than being able to turn into an animal. It would definitely be a decision that I would make somebody would probably say it's too risky and that would just convince me to do it more so I could prove them wrong. 

Roleplay Information: Fandoms I am in include but are not limited to Avatar the Last AIrbender, The Owl House, Narnia, Gravity Falls, The Umbrella Academy, Marvel, Percy Jackson, Amphibia, TMNT, HTTYD, Voltron and the Maze Runner. I'm also down for muggle or fantasy world rps with a preference for non-modern ones. Any romance roleplay can not have innapropriate content. There are children on this site please don't write stuff like that.

Other Information: I'm a Christian, and I am Autistic, so if I don't respond for a bit it might be that my executive functioning crashed, sometimes I may really want to respond but I just... can't. Don't really know how to explain it beyond that. I also might not fully understand your responses sometimes with my differently wired brain.

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