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Name: Cliff Frøslov
Nationality: Russ-British
House: Predictably, Hufflepuff.
Year: 1st Year
Patronus (will learn the spell later on): Mouse
Personality and Description: Quite the nervous and shy type, becomes more warming if you start the conversation and demonstrate kindness. Up close, he is described as tan (strange, for a young Russian boy, don't you agree?), averagely intelligent, and quirkily sweet. He doesn't mind hateful words directed at him, but he goes into a sort of controlled fury when people (cough, cough Slyther cough ins.) treat his friends poorly. He's got rather soft bouncy hair, an ash brown color that tinges with a golden sheen when caught in the sunlight. His rather large emerald green eyes are a sight to behold behind very big round glasses that constantly get dirty. He has many freckles dotting his cheeks, and he constantly is in need of Band-Aids for cutting himself on things (it's a stupid knack of his). He's quite the author and artist, sometimes jotting ideas on his skin with ink if he doesn't have spare parchment. He's very respectful and manner-minding, though lack of sleep can tear apart his usually sweet and calm demeanor. He's also a lover of exotic and spicy things, particularly food from his country. He constantly amazes the other Hufflepuff students by scoffing down extremely spicy foods without breaking a sweat. He cries easily, which can sometimes make him seem like quite the brat.
Sexuality: (Not shockingly) Bisexual, though he is also polyamorous with a smallish mean to males.
Favorite Class: Transfiguration (he loves science), DADA, Herbology.

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