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I'm a pure-blood Slytherin. Mother was a pure-blood and worked in Diagonally. Father was Professor Snape, obviously a professor at Hogwarts. Both parents are now deceased. You can probably imagine how many times I've been smacked over the head with a book for not paying attention in my fathers' classes. God brother is obviously Harry Potter. Keep up with the times if you haven't already. Harry and I never really get along though, but respect each other in times of need as we both relate to having no parents anymore. I'm quiet but vigilant, true friend to the ones who stick by me, but can be vain and cold hearted at times, can easily snap at people when irritated by others or overtired, but have a good heart deep down and can also be kind at times. I can be clumsy at times and get in people's way but what's the fun in not annoying people at times? Whoops! I can also be distant towards people at times and get people in trouble for things too. Most of the time it's not my fault though. I can get along with almost everyone unless they are mean to me, then I'll be mean back. Draco and I are secretive friends. It's complicated to be seen in public with him since his Father hates me. I love to study spells but nothing else really and am an animal lover. I made fun of Draco after he got turned into a ferret but we don't talk about how he turned me into a Guinea pig for a while after that. I love exploring around Hogwarts but have had a few points removed from my house after being caught or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I once stole Buckbeak from Hagrid and had to do a lot of graveyard shift maintenance around the woods and his property to make up for it.
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