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Professional slacker

Devil town is colder in the summertime, I’ll lose my mind at least another thousand times, hold my hand tight. We’ll make it another night.

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Name: Miles
Age: 15
Sexuality: pansexual
Gender: transgender male
Appearance: dark dark brown hair, honey green grey eyes, tall, pale, sharp jawline, sleepy-eyed, scar from left side of top lip to right side of bottom lip
Personality: funny, ambitious, sweet when you get to know me, stubborn, honestly mean, player
House: slytherin
Blood status: pureblood
Patronus: basilisk

Name: aster lee gardener
Height: 5’11
Age: depends
Sexuality: bi-ish
House: slytherin
Characteristics: black messy hair, pale, freckles, green grey eyes
Wand: ash, 14 in, dragon heartstring, flexible
Quidditch position: keeper
Patronus: Hungarian Horn-tail
Personality: popular, funny, charming, gets in fights, sweet
Animagus: large dog

7 realms oc:

Name: Christian (goes by kip)
Gender: cis male
Sexuality: is thought of as straight but is open to the idea of being with a guy
Realm: alera
Appearance: very very light shaggy hair, grey blue eyes, tall, skinny/slightly muscular build, usually wears heavy coats (bc of the cold)
Personality: seems cold (get it) but after a while the icy exterior melts away, sarcastic, comes off as mean a lot of the time, is honestly mean most of the time
Role: prince of alera

Darkwilde Academy oc:

Name: Alexander (Alex)
Gender: cis male
Age: 17
Height: 5’8
Sexuality: Luna is his first crush
Personality: He is kind, caring, selfless and understanding, but rather secretive and likes dealing with things himself.
A bit about him: He is a witch already, and tries to keep Luna out of coven business, which has a reputation for being rather.. fatal.
Relations: Best friends with Luna and develops secret crush on her, doesn’t really like Allie but is very good friends with Leo and often confides in her when he can’t tell Luna.
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