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Name: Vanessa

Age: ... Nah

Sexuality: Bi

Status: Single (No surprises)

Looks: Most of the time it’s my profile pic but I’ll tell you if it changes.

Personally: depends on RP. Most of the time it’s this:
Bad-ish Traits:
Shy at first until a fully trust you. Struggles with anxiety and will snap at anyone if stressed or worried. When I get angry I will take it out on those who I love most, but I never mean it. Some say it’s a bit scary when I’m angry or worried. X3 And I will start to get mad or offended if you accuse me of stuff. Such as lying, cheating, stealing, etc.
Good Traits (idk XP):
Always there for those who I care for, will hurt myself for anyone I love, (idk how good that actually is :/) Loyal, a bit of a romantic (A BIT). And I can’t think of anything else..... :/ XD

Most important person: ...
I’m very flexible when it comes to rolplays to feel free to take it in any turn you want :3 Although please try to use as much correct grammar as possible. I get it when you make a mistake, we all do. But one time I had a rolplay where it sounded like I was talking to a six year old. X3
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