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Sahara Luna is my first name and I have a middle name, Michael. I go by Luna.

I do not really have any, please suggest one, if you ask you could call me Sahara Rose.

Coming from a family of Ravenclaws the pressure on me was always very hard, I need to do well. To keep up with learning I love to read and write. I play instruments too. I have always been told to learn languages, play instruments, and write. I love to work in the Herbology Greenhouse and to play chess in the great hall. If I am not in class I can be found reading in the Library or studying with some of my friends.
My wand is Ash with a Phoenix Feather that is 13 inches long and it is inflexible.
Eu sei falar um pouco de portugues.

RP Characters- If I do not want to use one of these I might not-
- Ashlyn- Also known as Ash (Harry Potter only)
Gender: Non-binary
Description: Short black hair, parted over the side. Light brown skin, 4 foot 11 inches. Green eyes.
Age:14 years old
Skills: Martial arts, transfiguration, and more

-Norah- (Percy Jackson only)
God/Goddess: Mortal - hunter of Artemis. So like technically immortal.
Gender: Female
Description: Long dark brown hair (curly, mid stomach) , with dark blue eyes. 4 foot 5 inches, she has neutral undertones.
Age: 12 (11)
Skills: Languages, hand to hand combat. Throwing knives.
Hunter's uniform = white shirt, silver/dark gray hoodie with a moon on the back. Black jeans (she won't wear leggings) and green high tops (don't ask). Usually has some sort of gray/black bandanna on. Silver wristband with the moon on it. (Outfit A)
-Other clothes =
Olive green shirt with black jeans and white running shoes or high tops. Olive green bandanna (sometimes black though). Silver wristband with the moon on it. (Outfit B)
Camp half-blood shirt with black jeans and green high tops. Any bandanna. Jeans jacket (black or blue) and silver wristband with the moon on it. (Outfit C)
Backstory: She grew up with her mom and her sister - Ara. When she was 10 her mother died from sickness and they went into the foster care system. Since both Ara and her could see monsters (their mom could too) one day they ran into the Hunters of Artemis. She and her 15 year old sister both joined. Her father is in prison.

-Jimena- (Both PJ and HP)
Gender: Female
Description: Dark brown hair with olive undertones. Hair goes to just past shoulders. Black leather jacket, purple shirts and black jeans.
Skills (HP): Charms, riding hippogriffs. Tactics.
Skills (PJ): Acrobatics, quick thinking, riding pegasi, disguises.
God/Goddess (PJ): Daughter of Nymph and Hermes - still a demigod though.

-Ara- (PJ)
Gender: Female
God/Goddess: None - she's mortal. Norah is her sister.
Full Name: Ara Melania Silva.
Nicknames: None.
Description: Black hair. Shoulder length. Reasonably curly but not very. Tan skin tone with neutral undertones. Dark gray eyes (other than face shape and stuff like that, Ara looks like their mother while Norah looks more like their father)

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