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Yvaine Fu, or Fu Yvaine, was born into a british family with a chinese ancestor. Yvaine has a cheerful, happy childhood filled with freedom and mostly good memories, though there are some moments in which she did not enjoy. Yvaine has a sister, Yvonne, three years older than her and a gryffindor student at Hogwarts. Yvonne is pretty much good at everything she does but Yvaine decided she would not let that affect her confidence. Though she has quit piano lessons years ago, Yvaine still finds most joy in classical music and playing the piano, self-taught with no one to pressure her. Her mother is a professor at Hogwarts and her father works at the ministry of magic. Yvaine's middle name is Zee, which some of her friends call her. Every since young, Yvaine has always wanted to be an Auror when she grew up, and she still does.
Yvaine got acceptance letters from both Ilvermorny and Hogwarts. Though she hoped to attend Ilvermorny, Hogwarts was more convenient for her family and she did not want to make trouble for her parents. On september the first, Yvaine arrived at Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw. She started to think Hogwarts was not so bad, and she enjoyed it there.

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