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Hi! I'm Kira. I enjoy reading in the library, playing Wizard's Chess, playing quidditch, creating spells, and hanging out with friends! :D

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Hi. I'm Kira and I used to be a normal muggle living on Crimson Drive. I lived with my Aunt Delilah and Uncle Chris Lockley, and their daughter, Kasey Lockley. I'm not actually a Lockley tho... they raised me but I'm actually a half-blood Juniper. My mother was a pure-blood and my father was muggle. The Windsors were friends with the Potters and they were both parts of the Order of the Pheonix. During the 1st war with Voldemort, they died the same night as Harry's parents. Somehow, both Harry and I survived...
Luckily, Crimson Drive isn't that far away from Privet Drive, so Harry and I would meet up and talk about things, but only I knew about that night because my family told me and wanted me to be ashamed. Harry and I talk once in a while now, but not as much as we used to, after the incident at the zoo. I was there that day as well and I could understand the snake as it spoke. Harry would tell me about this "crazy" stuff he could do and I wish I could tell him it was magic! Anyhow, I remember getting my Hogwarts letter, and everything CHANGED. After that, my family took me to the Barren Bulldog pub only to find that the sign said 'The Leaky Cauldron'! I met some other young wizards coming to Hogwarts too. They even took me to Diagon Alley to get my wizarding supplies! We went to Ollivander's 1st and I got the perfect wand! It's 14 inches long, made of Willow and Dragon Heartstring. Whoops, forgot to mention picking up my owl! Her name is Jove and she's a snowy owl. I enjoy the Charms class and Astronomy. If I'm not studying in the library, you could probably catch me playing or practicing for quidditch, since I'm the Keeper and Captain of the team. If I'm not there I'll be at the Great Hall with my friends playing Wizard's Chess. Come find me if you wanna be friends!
(Message me if you want a custom spell)

~ Kiralyn Juniper

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