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I'm a runes mistress with a shop in Knockturn Alley where I read fortunes and translate magical texts for those who have trouble with runic languages. It was as a child of about 9 years that I discovered my talents. Out of a desire to overcome my fear of thunderstorms, I decided to go outside into the woods during a particularly violent one. Lightning struck a humongous maple tree as I passed by it. Runes were revealed to me in the flash of light and the scorch marks in the wood.
The next day I went back out in search of the tree, strangely compelled. When I found it a fallen branch had strips of bark peeling back. With my tiny pocket knife, I cut the strips into 2cm tiles and began to carve the symbols I'd seen the day before. They spoke to me of deeper meanings than just letters of a forgotten language. I could read them and through them read things about other people. When I recived my letter, my strict muggle parents disowned me due to me running away and using my college fund to buy my supplies and to get on the train. Knockturn Alley was a scary adventure when I turned down it accidentally. I've been fascinated by it's life and darkness from that first time. Which is why I chose to open my business there. Do I get some shady, sometimes bordering on evil, clients? Certainly. But, my life has never been more colorful.

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