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Hey, mamma!
I hope this letter finds you well. I've been sorted into ravenclaw. It took longer sorting me than it did some of the other kids. Long enough i eventually just asked if i could be put in ravenclaw. I wonder, were you a Hatstall, too, mamma? Im not sure i could say i hate any of my classes, but i can say that i think i like herbology better than most of my classes. I remember how worried you were about me attending, but im proud to say that being a halfblooded clutz hasnt gotting me into any trouble yet! im doing okay. im hoping to build myself into a girl you can be proud of! for now, Im still a coward, though... im not even sending this letter home.... im gonna have to change alot if im going to try to follow in your footsteps. i wander what youd say if i told you i didnt want to be like you? i wish i was brave enough to tell you that i want to tame magical creatures after i graduate? I know theres more to magic than keeping balance in some stupid rule book. theres beauty, especially in the magical creatures of this world. Only good can come from sharing that with others! i wish that was something we could agree on... I just want to learn magic to make others smile... Remember that kitten you got me before i left fore school? shes gotten big, grown alot since we left. I finally named her, too. Her black and white speckled fur reminded me of the stars in the sky outside my window here, so her name is Stella, after the stars. OH, and her fur didnt get long like you though it would, so i win that bet! And i swear shes the goofiest cat ive ever met! riding on my shoulders like shes queen of everything, but the moment you toss something she chases it and brings it back! if i didnt know better, id say shes a dog in secret! that reminds me, the holidays will be around the corner soon... i wonder, would you let me come home if i asked you? i know you said once i was here, i wasnt welcome home til graduation, but i miss papa so much.... Since im not sending this, its safe for me to vent, right?... Mamma, as much as i admire you, i hate you... youve always been cold, but the moment i got my invite to hogwarts, suddenly no one else was allowed to communicate with me unless they could do magic... Papa was always kind and warm, especially in comparasen. you're both like winter and summer, and ive missed the warmth of summer wile being burried under your "caring" snow... I know i was an accident... And i wish i wasnt YOUR accident....
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