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When I first came to Hogwarts I was thrilled, being born into a muggle family this world proved to be an amazing adventure for me. Both me and my older brother can do magic, our parents were pretty shocked to be honest. We were both sorted into Ravenclaw, Thomas is a year older than me. He said the Sorting Hat wasn't even fully on his head when it shouted: "Ravenclaw!" All I wanted was to be like my older brother - smart, good, kind and brave, that's what I mentioned to the Sorting Hat too. I guess that might have influenced its decision. Before I knew about what I truly am, I was sure I wanted to be a forensic analyst. That is partly why I've decided to take the path of an Auror - catching the bad guys and all that. In school, I loved every subject, since it was all so new to me! My favorite ones were Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures. My blood type hasn't really affected my stay at Hogwarts, nor has it my brother's. After hearing some rumours I was truly suprised it actually didn't really matter at all. You can be a competent wizard without pure blood anyway. I was born the year of the Battle of Hogwarts. Since my parents are muggles, I didn't really know the wizarding world was shattering for a while. I bet if they knew, they wouldn't have let me go to Hogwarts. I'm truly glad they don't. It would only woeey them. My greatest strength is probably my ability to lead. I'm really not good of a planner though, I'm more of a winger if that makes sense. My greatest weakness might just be my insecurity or self-doubt. I love magic, but I also love doing things the muggle way sometimes, it really reminds me of where I came from. I really, really want to become one of the best aurors there is, maybe become a healer some time in the future too. I have an owl, a black one named Tuna. My brother came up with that name, it made us both laugh calling her that. She's incredibly smart and sneaky and I love her to bits. She's helped me be discreet while managing everything perfectly.
My brother and I try to visit our parents together, they are both very proud of us, even if they sometimes don't understand the world we live in. They love Tuna though!
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