Sia Leavant


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The sorting hat placed me in Hufflepuff before it even touched my head. However, my friends often joke that I should have been in another house. When I ask, they often do not know which house I actually belong in but there is a steady tie between the three others. I can be fiercly loyal- so much so that I could almost be stubborn or closed-minded. I've always been interested in Charms but I am much better at Transfiguration. Despite my house's natural affiliation, I'm terrible at Herbology. Potions doesn't really do it for me either. I'm only a half-blood, and my magical father died before I was born. That has led to some unfortunate encounters with other houses. My mom knew that my dad was a wizaard from the moment she laid eyes on him, but kept his world a secret until my letter of acceptance came. I may not have any particular plans for the future- but I know that I am going to be a great witch.
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