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I was born a single child in japan, in a society most only dream of, a place where superheros are not just in fiction.
every kid by the age of four develops a quirk or 'superpower' normally this means they will develop one or a combination of their parents quirks. although uncommon some people are born without any powers making them 'quirkless'. I was part of a small percentage of people who would never develop a quirk. being powerless in a world of power was no easy feat, i was bullied most of my life, a lot of people considered me as weak and i was often treated as a freak or a outcast. My whole life i dreamed of becoming a hero despite the odds, i was constantly told to give up on my dreams but i was determined to make it happen. one day i was attacked on the way home from school, i was saved by the number one hero, All Might. after he saved me i asked him,"is it possible for someone like me to be a hero?" his response wasn't what i was expecting, he told me to be realistic, it crushed me. soon i was making my way home scolding myself for being so foolish when i saw someone was under attack, i went to see who it was and i was shocked to see my childhood frienemy in the position i was in not to long ago. i ran out to save him although i was powerless in the situation. long story short that was the day All Might saw potential in me, i became the next holder of one for all and the future symbol of peace. i thought my life was finally figured out, until i received a letter. Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry transferred me to london where i soon began to understand why i was born quirkless. i was a wizard, and my story was only beginning.

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