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I could not believe when I got my letter from Hogwarts. I was born to a muggle family in 1979 at the height of the fear of Voldemort just 2 short years after the Potter family was attacked. As such, I fell through the cracks and was not offered my wizarding education until now! Many of my family members think I am utterly crazy. However, there are a few that are starting to believe. My husband is incredibly supportive but still very skeptical. However, my daughter, Rory, and my niece, Midnight Lagoon, both also received owls just after I received mine! How exciting is that? Clearly the magic is coming back in our family. I also happen to have a coworker, Rowan, who also received an owl. Get this, we are also all Slytherin! So we managed to all join the same dorm and we are doing this together. We are even planning on filming the potions labs for class! That will be so much fun. I also just applied to be a Charms Prefect. I'm hoping for a response very soon! I love taking my classes here so much. I got very upset the past couple of weeks when my muggle life took over and I didn't have time for classes. But when 2 of your children graduate high school, things get hectic. I work fast in my classes finishing weeks worth of work in days, so I figure I'm all good. I'm still over a month ahead of my "planned schedule" so I'm all good.

I had a moment of trouble with Defense Against the Dark Arts. It took a minute for me to find a way to identify and want to take the class and when I don't want to learn about something I typically won't. I think I finally have a way to connect and a desire to learn more as I misunderstood part of the first lesson and the clarification I received really provoked a lot of questions. Now I am excited to see if they are answered within the lessons and if not start asking them. I truly have not found anything I didn't like here yet. I love it so much that I'm even already aspiring to be a professor. I don't know if I want to teach potions, history of magic, or astronomy more. Guess time will tell!!

As an "older" student, if anyone needs help, advice, a friend, ideas, a study partner, just a place to laugh, whatever, please feel free to send me an owl. I am great at making new friends and love learning about new things, people, places, ideas.

Favorite Quote: "If I stop learning, I've stopped living." ~Me
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