Clara Lupin

1st year Student

"If you can't find a good story to read, pick up a pen and write your own."

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When I received my Hogwarts Letter, I first thought it was so odd because let's be real here: who still sends letters correspondances rather than send an email?

Surely it was a joke, a prank by either my sister or my brother, they always played pranks on me or blamed me when some wierd stuff happened around the house to which I was always speechless. They must be laughing so hard right now because they have known all along that magic really exists. We all went shopping together with our parents in Diagon Alley. While my sister quickly dragged me to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions and Madam Primpernelle's beautifying potions, my brother made it a point to show me the Quality Quidditch Supplies, though I have little interest in sports in general, not that I have interests in beauty products and fashion either. No, to me, what was the most fascinating while discovering the many shops in Diagon Alley were Flourish and Blotts for the endless rows of books, the stationnary shop as well as the herborist. I just love a good book and my saying has always been "If you can't find a story you like, then you just gotta write it yourself!" As for the herborist, what can I say other than, I love plants? They make silent companions, offer quiet wisdom and inspiration for my writting so I always keep them in my room at home.

Needless to say, I stocked up on plenty of parchments, quills and plumes and one or two encyclopedias before my father took me to Ollivander to retrieve my wand. Oh also, I should note that I was allowed to keep a stray cat I took in during the summer as my familiar. Little kitten came marching right on our porch one day and I fed it. I found out later that it's a female and named her Artemis like the Greek Goddess of the hunt and wild animals.
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