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When the Sorting Hat assigned me to my house in Hogwarts I was impressed,
I did not expect to end up in Slytherin,
I am assigned there mabye because I always aim at the top, it will be because I am determined, I don't know. It scream the name of Slytherin as soon as the Professor put it on my head.
My favorite class is defense against the dark arts, transfiguration and care of magical creatures;
I don't particularly like Herbology and I don't like arrhythmias but I'm good enough.
I'm a Pureblood, my blood status affected my life in the Wizarding World, many times I tried to approach the Muggle world but hardly my family let me do it, beyond this restriction I have always been calm thanks to my blood state.
I think if I was in the UK when Voldemort regained power now, I think my family would have been safe, we are pureblood, mine is a conservative gryffindor family, they probably would have been on Voldemort's side. I would join the Dumbledore's army.
my biggest strength is always knowing how to act even under pressure, and my biggest weakness is that I rarely trust people.
After graduating from Hogwarts I want to become a magizoologist, I want to use magic to help others, I want to save the poor magic creatures.
I have a black cat and her name is Lilith.
my family for generations is Gryffindor, with the arrival of me and my brothers this chain has broken:
my older sister is an Ravenclaw,
my older brother is an hufflepuff
and I'm a slytherin;
we consider family dishonor;
I don't have good relationships with my family, only my brother, I love my favorite hufflepuff.
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