ex-curse breaker apprentice. a bit estranged now. indulges in the dark arts.

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Having gone to Hogwarts for many years, Brinley was now at the final few years of her training. She was in year 12, and as happy as ever to only have that year and the next left. Brinley had serious plans, she wanted to be a curse breaker. She was deadset on it. Knowing the cruelties that curses bring, she was ready to risk her own safety for the safety of others. In year 10, she was taken on by a well known curse breaker as an apprentice. It only started with small things, such as sweeping and doing house work. But soon enough, he realized her potential and began to take her under his wing, bringing her along and showing her the ways of a truly famous curse breaker. Ekon Abawi. As she spent more time with him, she spent more time with his family. Meaning himself, his wife, and his two kids -- a son and a daughter. Brinley was instantly infatuated by the daughter, but sadly the infatuation was not returned. Brinley stopped going around his family as she the was rejected by his daughter. Soon enough, she slipped out of the apprenticeship, causing her to be more sad than she'd ever been. Her family, a rich pureblood family, insisted on finding her a new mentor, but no one would take her after finding out she'd left the apprenticeship with a well known mentor, worried she wasn't good enough. Now, she feels outcasted, abandoned. She now practices in the dark arts in secret, hoping to one day become greater than Voldemort.
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