Victor Vale Raymond


I go by Vale, i am ftm trans and so use He/Him pronouns. I love jokes, and making friends. Don't get on my bad side, there is a reason I'm a Slytherin

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I plan to be a Magizooligist. With that being said yes I do love animals, and I do Idolize Newt Scamader, although I doubt I could ever follow his footsteps completely. My wand is Sycamore wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¾" and reasonably supple flexibility. And when I am able to cast a full patronus, it is a polecat. I am 4' 11", pretty short and sadly just shy of even 5", and I blame genetics for that. I'm also pretty light, barely 110 so I can be pushed around rarely easily, but coupled with my height your more likely to be pushing on air as I just duck. I like to joke around, and am pretty easy going and kind. However I am in Slytherin for a reason, that being if you anger me I will get back at you, by any means necessary. Understood? Good. I'm pretty hard to anger though so don't worry too much. Feel free to ask or talk about anything, I'm more than happy to chat, and I'm always here to lend an ear, or a shoulder. My mother passed when I was 10 and is a bit of a iffy subject to talk about, it's best not to bring it up at all really. I currently have my father who is dating again; not that I'm too thrilled with having a step-mom in my future; and my baby sister Jasmine, who has dad wrapped around her finger so I can mostly do whatever i want without consequence. More about me, I am ftm transgender although i am very private about it and try to never talk or mention it (i hate feeling dysphoric in public). I am bisexual and pan-curious, but because of it I wasn't really popular, rather bullies liked to pick on me. The reason for the scar over my mouth as you can see is from when I was 12 the bullies took it too far and actually went to violence. However after that day they always avoided me and I still have no explanation no matter who I ask. I have an addiction to coffee, and nine times out of ten you're likely to find me with one in hand. It's also highly likely to find me with an animal of any sort nearby, either being nursed to health, or because they decided to follow me. And when classes aren't in session you can normally find me wherever an animal can be found on campus, or right beside the lake having a nice conversation with the giant squid. ((As for me I am 25, my mother did pass away from cancer in 2019, I love animals and art, I am actually ftm trans (if you know or meet me irl i am very firm on not being misidentified, and I may have used my chosen name for Vic. Call me V if you need to differentiate. I am a coffee addict, and I work full time at a convenience store as an Assistant manager, all hours so don't expect consistent replies. I am infact a polyamorous pansexual too, and I'm not minding romance things right now, and multiple at once is fine by me. My shoulder is always here for anyone who needs it, no matter what for, I may not be able to tell you what you need/want to here but my ears are open. I also have no problems with rping with anybody, I do write fanfics, so just let me know if you want me to make a starter, or just throw one at me. Also yes, I went to my Pottermore account to put things from there to here.))

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