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hello im kai and im a first year in the slytherin house! i love to read and im super nice just a little shy. have a nice day! see you around :)

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name: kai able hackley
gender: female
birth date: march 17th
current year: first
house: slytherin
wand: red oak wood with a phoenix feather core, 10 3/4" and quite bendy flexibility
patronus: piebald mare
pet: grey and black maine coon cat

kai grew up in a little town in southern Canada. her parents, grace hackley and Fredrick hackley are both wizards. her parents were very social people and many nights were spent around a table with friends and family sharing food, laughs and smiles however kai fell in love with the quiet and peacefulness of nature and all the animals that lived in the forests that surrounded her home town. her father taught her the love of books and kai can recall many bedtimes spent listening to her father read her stories of magic and adventure. that love of nature and books only grew with her into early teenage hood.

kai is a very shy and timid person however she is also very kind compassionate and will stick up for her friends or family if need be. kai most often will walk with her head down and try to avoid large groups of people as she has bad social anxiety. her favourite place to be is the library or the common room by the fire (when it is mostly empty).

kai adores all animals and has a very strong bond with jasper, her pet cat. kai got jasper when she learned she got accepted to Hogwarts and since the day they met they have been attached to each other.
kai prefers to spend her free time reading books in any quiet space she can find or working on school assignments. her favourite foods consist of peppermint tea and toast with blueberry jam.
her strengths are the fact that she is small and very agile. she is 5'2" and weighs a little under 100 pounds. she has blonde hair and fair skin which means she burns very easily in the summer. she has green-blue eyes and needs glasses too read although she hates them so most often wont wear them.
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