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I got sorted into Ravenclaw, and I was a hatstall. The hat took a long time to figure out whether I belong in Gryffindoor or in Ravenclaw, it even considered Hufflepuff for a very brief moment, which was unexpected at that time. I had no idea which house I wanna be in, so I didn't know where I should have asked to be put. I believed I was a Gryffindoor, but I got really confused when my sorting started. I don't know why the hat made this decision exactly, but I do value intelligence and otherwise agree with it. I am a muggleborn, but that won't stop me from perfecting every area of magic I can. I am looking forward to learning DADA and Transfiguration, but also Charms, since it is such an important area of magic. I think I will focus more on the academic side of Hogwarts, allthough I would love to be able to play Quidditch! It's just that I don't think I will be able to do that, I am not very good at sports.. I wanna be known as a great wizard, intelligent and wise, and I want to leave an impact on this world, but also have fun! My wish to perfect every area of magic I can also includes Quidditch - I think that will be a challenge I am not sure I can overcome, at least at this moment in time.
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