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My parents were both from nice pureblood families and though my father's side of family was not very welcoming to muggles they didn't join He who must not be named when he first became known to the wizarding world. That was until my aunt met him and was convinced by him that he was doing everyone a favor by getting rid of blood traitors and such. She spread her beliefs trough the family but my parents opposed her. They knew they were risking a lot, especially after they learned my mom was expecting and so they cut all contact with the rest of the family. 

It was only a few days after I was born that my aunt found their hiding spot, a beautifull house near a lake. That day, the lake was stained red. After the tragedy played out and everything fell quiet my aunt heard my cries. She realized she killed my parents and promised to change her ways. She took me in and cared for me as her own. We lived a normal muggle life that was only interrupted a by few occasional slips of magic of hers and of mine. Then my Hogwarts letter came and my aunt told me the whole story and helped me prepare for my upcoming school adventures. 

And that's how I ended up here... 

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