Xavier Killoran


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Xavier Killoran is a proud and true Slytherin.

Height: 6'4
Hair: Dark brown, nearly black, wavy an a little unruly
Eyes: Green
Tattoos: small snake oddly resembling that of a dark mark snake (not skull) on his back

Other: Xaiver is quite tall and was once quite lanky and skinny, once his 5th year rolled around, he finally grew into his body, gaining some muscle from Quidditch but never overly muscular.

Bio: Xavier T. Killoran grew up in a magical neighborhood just outside of the downtown city of London. His family remained one of few completely pure blood families left in existence and they were always quite proud of that, and while they tried to instill that in Xavier and his siblings (an older brother and younger sister) he never fully comprehended why being "pure blood" was so special, especially after they would evade his pressing questions on the matter. Unknown to him, both of his parents felt this way as they were extremely loyal followers of Lord Voledemort and ruthlessly fought by his side until the moment he was destroyed. After that they just quietly upheld his ideals and to an extend, prayed for his return.

When Xavier turned 11, he finally received his Hogwarts letter. While his home life was not tortured or hard, he felt he finally could escape his bizarre parents and make his own way and make his own name. He was instantly sorted into Slytherin because of his ambitions to be greater and his willingness to do whatever it took. He almost wished he been put in Ravenclaw just so he could be different from his parents and older brother, but the hat had made up its mind.
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