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I'm a chill and polite person that isn't interested in drama. I'm introverted by nature and will remain distant with people until I know them better.

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I'm a seventh year Hogwarts student. It took about five minutes for the sorting hat to sort me into Slytherin. I was a quite half-blood that was raised in both worlds. I never particularly cared for the whole blood purity thing and I always considered magic amazing. Dark or Light magic doesn't matter to me. Both are needed for magic to thrive and one is not good while the other is bad. Magic is neither good or bad, it is people that decide to wield magic that makes it so. I would consider myself to be a Grey witch over Light or Dark. I have a tiny white cat with blue eyes as a familiar, his name is Nero. I've had him since before Hogwarts, I came across him one day while on a walk in a muggle neighborhood. As for school, I loved Charms as well as Defense. I consider myself neutral in most conflicts, especially when said conflicts involve magic. I'm interested in either becoming a Curse Breaker or a Healer. Both are careers that I would have pride in. I'm sure as a Slytherin, people expect me to want to become something like the Minister of Magic; but I would have no patience to deal with the background politics. Politics never interested me and the careers I'm interested in don't really involve them.
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