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Hiya! Im Brielle Azure,a half blood Gryffindor who should have probably been a Hufflepuff. I'm artsy,loud and a big geek.Wanna eat all the dorm candy?

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Name: Brielle Azure
Gender: Female ( she\her)
Age: 16
Blood status: Half-blood
Date of birth: 14 September
Birthplace: Durham, England

House: Gryffindor. ( could have been a Hufflepuff)
Patrons: Bloodhound
Wand: Beech wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 3/4 and solid flexibility.
Favourite subjects: Care for Magical Creatures, Transfiguration and Astronomy

My parents are Noah and Isla Azure. My father, Noah, is a wizard yet he works as a Carpenter. He enchants his work to move smoothly and make them seem just a little too beautiful. My mother on the other hand is a Muggle. She's a freelance writer and a photographer.
I have two siblings. An older brother named Jessie and a younger sister named Noelle. I am the only one of us born with magic.

My childhood was pretty great. Born and raised in a place called Durham. There were plants and animals every where in my home. My siblings and I were all homeschooled so we spent a lot of time with our mother.
I discovered I was like my father around the age or six. I was outside sitting in a tree, when I saw my kitten, Calliope, climbing above me. Until she the thin branch have way and she plummeted to the ground. Although she never made contact with the grass beneath the tree. She was floating an inch or so off the ground before she landed with a soft thump.
I knew from then on that I was different. Just like father.
So him and I spent a lot of time together after that. He taught me things I'd never even dreamed of knowing before.
And younger sister passed away when I was 13. She died in a storm that hit without warning. She was outside, playing with the dogs when she heard barking coming from the creek near by. So off she went, dogs in tow. About half an hour went by and the sunny day turned into a gloom. Even after calling her to come back, she never showed up.
By then it was pouring with rain and my brother had told me not to go out and look for her. It only got worse from there.
The creek flooded, taking her with it. We never saw her again. Except for pieces of her dress that got snagged on branches.
From then on life was different. Coming back to school was hard., but my brother encouraged me.

I hear from my family almost daily. They're always telling me the weird and wonderful things that are happening in my home.

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