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Hi! I‘m Marlene Rome Queen (Rome is pronounced Roh-mee) and I‘m a proud Hufflepuff! I‘m sort of dreamy and i‘m very independent, I need freedom.

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I‘m Marlene Rome Queen and I was sorted into Hufflepuff, just like my dad, who raised me all alone. At first I was a bit unsure if I really fit into my house, due to all the stereotypes of „weakness“ you hear about it, but I soon realized that Helga has a place for everyone and that the badgers were perfect for me. My goal was always, since I first learned about Hogwarts, to become a prefect and seeker of my house, and after graduating, I intend to become a Magizoologist, which is why I looked most forward to learning about Care of Magical Creatures. I took a gray owl to Hogwarts, which I named Merlin. I‘m a pureblood and my parents always told me about „ancient“ times in the Wizarding World, such as the two wizarding wars and Grindelwald. I have always looked up to Harry Potter and the other people who fought against the „Dark Side“ in the 2nd wizarding war and constantly begged for more bedtime stories about those times while growing up. Even though I am a pureblood, my cousin Charlotte Talia Queen is, at least biologically, muggleborn, daughter of a squib (my dad’s brother). She’s of my age, a first-year Ravenclaw and we grew up together, always considering us sisters, even though we’re only cousins. We have an aunt who went to an International Wizarding School, who spoils us with sweets and supplies every time she comes to visit.
I‘m a independent, confident witch who loves to read and also actually enjoys studying and learning about magical subjects such as Charms, Potions, Flying lessons etc. I need my freedom and love the feeling of the air touching my face when I‘m flying. I‘m really grateful that I am a witch and see it as a gift that only very few people have.
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