Dagmar Mia Lokidottir


  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • Czech Republic


For many years I lived like an ordinary Muggle and had no idea that something like magic existed. But, one day everything changed, I began to notice strange things I didn't know about before, but I didn't pay too much attention to them because I thought it was normal and it was happening to everyone, like things were moving or something like that. And then I received that special letter ... it was written that they apologize for not coming before but that I was considered dead and that they would like to invite me to study at Hogwarts school. I thought it was a joke from my friends so I just threw the letter into the fireplace but the next day I got it again and the same. I found it strange, so I kept the letter and went to the Internet to find what it could mean and find out some information about Hogwarts. I couldn't sleep that night so I went to drink and suddenly saw something running down the hallway, later I realized it was a little man looking like an elf and started explaining why he was here and that I had to go with him. He promised to explain everything to my parents later. I dressed warmly because it was cold outside and excited about what would happen, I went out with the creature. I found myself in a train station, he explained everything that was happening or what was going to happen, gave me things and disappeared. So I got on the train and suddenly heard very well-known voices and then saw my 3 best friends who were as confused as I was. With this train, we got together to Hogwarts and waited for inclusion in the houses. Unfortunately, we are each in a different one, I am Slytherin. But we are still best friends and I hope I will found new friends at my house. So that was my crazy back story and what will happen next about it I have no idea.
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