Dissociative Identity Disorder

if you don't know who is in control, just call us Augment. (ex. you want to post saying hi, instead of guessing, just say Augment, and we'll tell you)

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We are the "Augmented System", a DID system who is looking for some friends.
See at the bottom for info on DID and some vocab
Meet the Alters!

qualities: host, ANP,
personality: funny, smart, outgoing, sweet, and thoughtful
likes: cupcakes, cuddly things, books, and art
dislikes: the smell of sharpies, loud noises
sexuality: pan
age: 19
gender: male
fun fact: Charlie is a great listener, and will try his best to help with anything he can
nicknames: none yet
friends: brett (Mayhem ♤)
action traits: blushing, squeaking, and humming

qualities: protector, caretaker, and EP
personality: closed off, deep, temperamental, protective, headstrong, and determined
likes: tacos, running, and saying what he feels
dislikes: fast food, most sweet food, and fake people
sexuality: asexual
age: 18
gender: male
fun fact: Hudson is very slow to trust, and doesn't like most peole
nicknames: none yet
friends: none yet
action traits: crossing arms, running fingers through hair, and rolling eyes

qualities: EP, gatekeeper
personality: intelligent, careful, and funny
likes: animals, children, and pizza
dislikes: reading, doing chores, and darkness
sexuality: straight
age: 32
gender: male
fun fact: Wesley doesn't take over very often
nicknames: none yet
friends: none yet
action traits: sitting very still, yawning, and left eye twitch

qualities: ISH, ANP
personality: analytical, caring, and patient
likes: books, music, nature, food
dislikes: rain
sexuality: pan
age: 21
gender: female
fun fact:
nicknames: none yet
friends: none yet
action traits: humming, doing small dances, and chewing her nails

qualities: interject of abuser, persecutor
personality: control obsessed, almost always angry, and abusive
likes: clean things, quiet, and chicken
dislikes: waiting, being called names
sexuality: straight
age: 58
fun fact: Jax believes that the abuse will help to make them develop
nicknames: none yet
friends: none yet
action traits: eyes flickering around, constant movement (tapping toe, twiddling thumbs, ect)

qualities: disabled alter, OSA, ANP
personality: kind, obsessive, and cuddly
likes: kind strangers, technology, and food
dislikes: having her disability pointed out, the feeling of makeup, and showers
sexuality: bi
age: 16
fun fact: Aurora is blind
nicknames: none yet
friends: none yet
action traits: being blind, lol

qualities: IHA, EP
personality: fearful, quiet, and sad
likes: music, stuffies, and art
dislikes: loud noises, being touched, and tall people
sexuality: gay
age: 24
fun fact: Ryder likes to sing
nicknames: none yet
friends: none yet
action traits: playing with his hair, avoiding eye contact, flinching

qualities: ANP, Interject of a friend of Charlie's
personality: Funny, friendly, and outgoing
likes: art, food, and sports
dislikes: fast cars, chalk, and alarms
sexuality: demi
age: 20
fun fact: Quentin suffers dissociating the most out of the alters
nicknames: none yet
friends: none yet
action traits: scrunching up his nose, doesn't like to stay sitting down much

Hosts: The main alter(s) who are typically in control. Charlie is the host of the augmented system.
Core/Original: The first personality before developing DID. In this case, Charlie.
Alters: All of the other personalities.
Little: Younger alters
Switching: Going from one identity to another (signs of switching: dissociating, repeating the same word, blinking rapidly)
Dissociating: Zoning out but much more severe
System: A group of alters inside one body. Our system is called the Augmented system.
Singleton: Someone who doesn't have DID
Integration: All alters have information of the trauma, or integration of alters, when all the alters mesh together to make a new alter to be 'normal'
Split: When a new alter is created (typically created by trauma)
Trigger: Something that causes traumatic memories to resurface
Fragments: Small identities, not fully formed, usually just in charge of one task (showering, cooking, making the bed, ect) Not technically an alter.
Poly-fragmentation: Someone who has hundreds of fragments. Often they have alters who have alters who have alters.
ANP: Apparently normal parts (typically hosts)
EP: Emotional parts
Protectors: Alters in charge of keeping the body safe
Caretakers: The 'mom's' of the system
Persecutors: Alters who hurt the body and other alters
Interjects: Alters who are typically exact copies of real people the system knows, often their abuser or a famous person, which takes up every trait of that real person.
Gatekeepers: Alters in charge of keeping trauma information
Animal Alter: An alter that doesn't usually realize it's part of a human mind, and acts as an animal would. Typically caused by being forced to act like an animal during the trauma period. Different animals have different personalities (Tigers sometimes protectors, dogs EPs, ect)
Infant alters: alters who can not yet express themselves with words
Dead Alter: Typically caused by a near-death experience, an alter who doesn't do anything, but other alters are aware they exist.
Demonic Alters: Alters tricked into believing they are possessed (they aren't really) who act evilly or demonically
Disabled Alters: Alters with a physical disability such as blind-ness, or mute-ism usually caused by abusers telling them they can't speak or being blindfolded, ect. When that alter takes over, the body will then assume that disability.
Insiders: Alters who only exist in the mind, and don't take control of the body. They are unaware time has passed since the trauma.
ISH: (Internal Self Helpers) An alter who knows all of the other alters (or most), and takes care of them, usually this alter is responsible when talking to therapists.
OSA: (Opposite Sex Alters) Alters of a different gender than the body, typically caused by sexual trauma.
Object Alters: Alters that identify as inanimate objects
Machine Alters: Alters who believe they are robots
IHA: (Internal Homicide Alters) Alters who handle the feeling of suicidal emotions


Some info about DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). DID (formerly known as split personality disorder) is a disorder where a person has two or more "alters" (alternate identities). There is the host, (in this case, Charlie) who has gone through some severe trauma, causing this disorder. They almost always have no memory of the trauma they went through, which is why they have the alters so they can preform normal tasks without being burdened, or distracted by the knowledge of the trauma. Charlie is the 'host' so he is normally the identity 'at the wheel', and in control, but sometimes he 'switches'. Switching is like one identity is at the wheel, and another alter wants to have the wheel, so they switch, and the other alter is then in control. It's possible for 2 alters to share the body. When switching, or just doing normal tasks, sometimes they will start dissociating. They may repeat a word, or phrase multiple times, or have a lot of confusion, or look like they've just seen a ghost, and just sit there, silent and frozen. After switching to one of the other alters, they completely change. It's like a completely different person is in their body. Different ages, memories, genders, sexual orientations, opinions, physical ailments, ect. The younger alters, are called 'littles'. In this case, the unit does not allow their littles to be a part of this website, so they may randomly be gone for a bit because they've switched to a little. This is for the protection of the little's identities. Switching from one alter to another can be very smooth, although normally there is a bit of "dissociating" before the switch. The alters know each other, and know of each other, so they may refer to each other at times. The AMP (apparently normal parts) are parts that are best functioning, don't remember the trauma, and are usually the hosts. EP (emotional parts) hold the memories of the trauma. EPs can get stuck reliving the same day, week, month, or year, of the trauma. Protectors have a intense feeling of need to protect the body from all danger. The protectors typically control rage and anger to help keep the body safe. Protectors could go overboard though, by seeing danger in everything. Caretakers are alters that take care of the body when hurt, or other alters are hurt. Caretakers also are typically in charge of taking care of the littles much like a mother. Persecutors are typically known as the 'bad alters' or the 'evil alters'. They are known to cause harm to the body when in charge, and extremely dislike other alters talking about the trauma and will sometimes try to punish other alters or the body for speaking about the trauma. They usually are EPs and think they are doing the right thing. Interjects are almost always an exact copy of abusers or people who have caused trauma. They may look, speak, act, and think like an abuser. Gatekeepers are usually in charge of hiding trauma information from other alters. Fragments are typically smaller alters who are in charge of a small specific task, such as cooking, who are less fully formed.
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