Brie Lovegood

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I've always know that I was a witch, I had know since the day my mom told me the real reason "dad" left. And the reason he left was because of me and my mom( she is a witch as well) see my "dad" was about to marry my mother when she realized that she would have to expose him to her true identity and reveal her secrets that she had held off doing until she could trust him and knew he was ready, these things were .1. that she was pageant 2. that it was not his kid and 3. that she was a witch. See my mom hadn't been with my "father" very long before they decided to get married in fact it had only been a few months. So naturally when she told him he freaked out and ran away. The ministry of magic soon located him and erased his and his family's memory of her. Then she had me, and it was her and I for a long time it was just me and her, till one day when I was 10 a strange man come to my door, my mother treated him as though he were family and for some reason he felt extremely filmier. So a year passed and this man stayed with us and when I asked my mom why he was here she told me that he was going through some stuff and that he was an old friend and we were going to help him get back on his feet. I had learned that this mans name was Luther ,Tomas. By the time I got used to him being around I had learned that he new my mother and I were witches and I had assumed he himself was a wizard because he would help me with simple spells that my mom allowed me to use around the house with her wand. And a few weeks later and I got my Hogwarts letter! So mom and I packed me up after going to Diagon Alley( which Luther came with) and help me on the train ( which Luther also come to) I was looking through my bag when I heard Luther ask my mother if she had told me about what I did not hear but I now it was important to him but by my mother quick answer of no I figured not to ask. After saying goodbye to both if them and promising to write back home every few weeks I was left alone in an empty compartment that I had found. For a few minutes I ad been sitting alone staring dreamily out the window when my thoughts had been busted by the sound of an enthusiastic "hello". This greeting had come from the mouth of who I soon learned was a girl named "Luna Lovegood" when I learned this I got exited and I told her about how my last name was Lovegood as well. But since of our parents we were not related. We then heard shouting out in the corridor so we pecked our heads out to find a small red headed girl and a taller blonde boy bickering back and forth when Luna and I realized the girl was crying we pulled her in to our compartment and helped her calm down. She told us that her name was Ginny Weasley and she had 6 older brothers, then she talked about the blonde haired boy Draco Malfoy. After that we came close and laughed a lot. Then when we got into Hogwarts we were sorted Ginny in Gryffindor, Luna in Ravenclaw. Then came my turn I was hastily put in to Ravenclaw as well but only after a silent argument with the hat between Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

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