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My name is Lou Dove and I am ready to learn! Most people just call me Lou though. I go by they/them pronouns. Feel free to message me if you need to.

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A pureblood born into a family of Slytherins gets sorted into Hufflepuff, though my family kind of expected it because of how different I was from them. They don't really have an issue with it thankfully. I am close to all of my family especially my younger siblings. There are about five children in total in my family from oldest to youngest is, my two older brothers, me, my younger sister and my younger brother. My younger sister, my mother and I clash the most though but I still love them very much. My mother and I disagree about how I present myself with things such as clothing and hair, and my sister and I just get on each others nerves. It's pretty normal but we all just agree to disagree in the end. My family has three collective pets that are everyone's responsibility, two cats and one dog. I have three pets that are my responsibility, two mice and a blue tongued skink which I lovingly call my dog. The sorting had debated whether Ravenclaw or Hufflpuff would be better, but in the end it chose the latter. I never took too much time to think about my blood status, I don't really like being grouped in with the other purebloods who are prejudiced. I try to make as many friends as possible with any blood. It would be a bit weird to make friends with a person who didn't have blood, unless they were a vampire, which is fine as long as they don't kill people. My greatest strength is that I become extremely motivated to complete and do well with things that I like. My greatest weakness is that sometimes that motivation leaves me and I become more focused on just enjoying existence to care about anything else. That and the fact that I am addicted to pizza and sugar. After Hogwarts I want to either become a Healer, a Teacher, or someone who cares for magical creatures. These professions are just the most appealing and what I wouldn't mind doing for the rest of my life, though I have really chose which one I should go with. Though honestly all I really want is to ensure the happiness of myself and those around me, which yes I know sounds a bit cliche but I can't help what I want. I still have time to decide after all.
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