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I am a witch from the dull streets of Brooklyn, NY, where the most exciting things I experienced were sharing the school-provided mozzarella sticks with my friends at lunch and participating in science fairs with my best friend. I was always the studious kind but there was a depth to my talents I didn't know about before my 15th birthday. Seeing an owl drop off a letter at my fire escape sure was jarring, but not more so than seeing the red wax seal shape itself into a pair lips and start proclaiming that I was a wizard and had to show up at the New York Magic Department to sort out where I would be getting my schooling starting next semester. My parents had quite a shock and we told our family that I'd be dorming for the rest of my education. But not at an ordinary school, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As soon as the counselor at the Ministry showed me the school, I was enchanted with the grand castle. And even though I'd be going to another country, I was emboldened by the presence of my best friend, who had also chosen Hogwarts as her school. Still, I was so nervous being a fifteen year old standing with a bunch of elevens and was wholly unprepared to be sorted into my house, which no one told me would be such a strange ceremony. I knew when I sat myself on that stool that I wouldn't be getting up for a long time. So the hat began its interrogation. From the song we had sung earlier I knew the common attributes of each Hogwarts house, and I tried to identify each of these traits in myself to see where I belonged. But the Hat explained that the sorting was meant to determine which house I wanted to belong to, and there began a whole new line of questioning. Who am I, but more importantly, who do I want to be? So I determined that my goal at Hogwarts is to learn as much as possible about myself and the world around me and my lineage, to determine who I am and where I belong. Therefore, the natural choice was Ravenclaw. As a muggle-born, I am most excited to take History of Magic and learn about the wizarding world. And of course I can’t wait to go into Hogsmeade and visit Honeydukes! My best friend and I are both aiming to be Prefects but before I can achieve that, I have to get my wand and the rest of the supplies. Hogwarts is looking to be exciting and I’m determined to become an achieved witch here!
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