Raewyn Azure Kallisto

Student & Artist

* Pureblood - Witch - Ravenclaw - Artist - I carry with me a wealth of knowledge and spark of creativity and the desire to help wherever I can *

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Student & Artist

Ello dear spirits! I've never been much good at writting about myself. Much to much has happened and it's hard to determine what's neccessary. For starters, my name is Raewyn...



Ive grown up in a world of magic. From my birth in surrounded me with wonder joy and awe. But everything has its counter and for me, ive had my fair share of despair as well. However, one cannot dwell on sadness. The darkness of my past aside, ive been on many a adventure but hogwarts, to this point, remains my only true home.


Nature and its wealth of knowledge has always been something i've been drawn to. Dragonology is only one of such topics that spark my interest. Dragons are among the most dangerous and magical of creatures in the world, wizarding or otherwise. I was first intrigued by them when I was standing in a open field of wildflowers. A mother and her hatchling soared overhead and landed, they spared me a glance but were unfazed by my presence and proceeded to sun themselves. I know how unlikely this may sound but its something i could never forget. Ive done enough observing to know Dragons can come in a variety of temperaments, and while they can be persuaded to tolerate a Witch or Wizard’s presence, their mood can be quite fickle. This is not unlike any other creature out there though. I came pretty close to being toasted once but was untimately able to calm the creature. Other creatures, too, seem to be drawn to me and i've come to fill my neverending bookwith of sketches of these creatures and notes of knowledge and observations of them. I also find myself be be quite drawn to transfiguration magic but everything about our wizarding world interests me.



Name: Raewyn Azure Kallisto

Appearance: average height, mid-length dark burgundy hair, pale freckled skin, silvery eyes with a tint of light & dark blue and some orange/gold, dresses simply but loves her crazy socks

Personality: quiet/reserved at first, good listener and very empathetic, creative, very determined, and a fast learner. I also strive to help out as much as I can (never be afraid to reach out if need be)

House: Ravenclaw - though the sorting hat had some difficulty deciding between this, griffindor, and hufflepuff

Pets: shorteared owl-Eros, flammulated owl-Nyx, crup-Inka, white & silver ferret-Zephyr

Future job: Magizoologist & Artist


Patronus: dragon

Likes: nature, animals, art, learning new things,

Dislikes: large groups/crowds, public speaking, poachers

Background: she lived a happy childhood full of wonder, awe and joy. However, a terrible accident took the life of her parents. She sat in there once happy home in the woods but nobody came. She left and explored the world, very thankful for the magical items her parents had given her in the past which were a magic back and book of blank pages that would never run out. She spent two years surrounded by only nature and the creatures that lived there until an owl with a letter found her.

Other: has always had an inclination towards magical beasts. It's almost as if she's a parceltounge but with all animals (not just snakes/reptiles.) of course, it does take some time of getting to know the species first for this to occur


Quote: I have seen the darkness the world can hold but continue to look towards the light



Feel free to post on my wall or pull me into shenanigans

Your welcome to call me by my name or a nickname if you come up with one


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