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When the sorting hat put me in slytherin I was so mad. As a muggleborn I didn't know quite a lot about Hogwarts until my letter came, but the other kids were terrified about being a slytherin so I supposed it was a bad thing. I was so wrong. This is the best thing that ever happened to me. My house friends are awesome. People tend to think we are bad but that's not true. We are smart, we never give up, and we are just good at almost everything. I'm sorry but being modest it's not one of our many qualities I guess. I'm not gonna lie tho, being a muggleborn was tough in my first year. You know how slytherin is supposed to be a pureblood house. There are still some wizards and witches that thinks that being a muggleborn slythentin it's wrong, but luckily there's not a lot of them anymore, maybe 3 or 4 students mess with me that year. Beyond them, all of my house mates supports me. We take care of each other, cause we know it's difficult sometimes, especially because of all the bad beliefs about us, but we know we belong here. And that's what I want people to know, this is a great house. (And we have the most beautiful view from our common room btw). So be proud of it.
Im one of the cheasers of our quidditch team, so among quidditch, flying it's one of my hobbies.
Enchantments and transformations are my favorite signatures. Being an animagus it's one of my goals. I also like to learn about dark creatures, they are fascinating to me.
I'll be prefect someday. I know it.
In my future I would love to be a teacher or work in the educational department at the ministery. Education is the key to a better world. I want to keep in touch with the youth and help them grow into amazing witches and wizards.
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