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Hello, my name is Ariana Holly and I grew up in a pure blood family. I have three sisters whom I often practice magic with.
Growing up in the muggle world, wasn’t always easy. My Mother and Father taught my sisters and I how to control our emotions, so that we wouldn’t have uncontrollable magical blowups at school. Although, I was a very shy child at times. After 3rd grade, I was homeschooled, due to an incident (a class mate teased me and called me a chicken, so I closed my ears and yelled “I AM NOT A CHICKEN”. And to my amazement, my classmate turned into a chicken).
My parents felt that it would be best if they started homeschooling instead to avoid quandary. Homeschool felt like a refreshing start. With a lot of support from my family, it was a very nurturing and influential environment.
Unfortunately, my family was the only amongst our extended family that wasn’t muggle. However, there are rumors that my great grandmother (on my mother’s side) was a closet witch (pretended to fit in to avoid conflicts). She even married a muggle.
I was very excited and felt very fortunate to receive a letter from Hogwarts. My parents attended Hogwarts, and after hearing all of their amazing stories of magic and excitement, I’ve been longing to attend Hogwarts since I was a young girl.
It didn’t take too long for the hat to decide which house I would be sorted into. It wasn’t a surprise to see that I was sorted into Slytherin (considering the fact that my mother was Slytherin).I look forward to attending potions class because I’ve always had a knack for mixing things.
Though, I grew up in the muggle world, I visited the wizarding world a couple of times. When people would find out that my family and I are a pure bloods, they would either praise us or look at us as if we were He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. My parents would tell me stories about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named through nursery rhymes. I couldn’t understand how someone could be so evil.
I think my greatest strength is compassion and my weakness is distraction.
I hope to become a powerful and well respected Witch after school. Possibly even a professor at Hogwarts.
I think the most fascinating aspect of magic is knowing that it is within me.
I definitely want to use magic to help others, and I want to make sure that I understand every living creature there is out there so my help would be useful. I want to look back on all of my accomplishments after I’m 135 and know that once I die, I’d be leaving behind a life full of positive magic.
I own a little black cat named Midnight, (She was a birthday gift). Midnight is my familiar and she always warns me of dangerous situations or if I’m making decisions that aren’t wise. I trust her and she trusts me.
The main reason why I look forward to Hogwarts is because it is a place of great legacy. I looking forward to standing in the footsteps of great wizards like, Professor Dumbledor, Professor Snape, Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Rubeus Hagrid, and many more.
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