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Moroboshi Kirari, Half-mermaid, J-Pop idol. Patronus: Orca Wand: 10 inch, half Cherrywood, half hazelwood, Dragon Heartstring Core @mermaid_muir_opal

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My name is Kirari, and I am certified Dragonologist, J-Pop Idol, and half mermaid. I started seriously studying dragons around the age of 9. I've always had a fascination of the creatures, but Muggle schools don't educate on a lot of subjects I found intriguing, like dragons and fairies.

I spent most of my early life underwater, but in addition to the International Statute of Secrecy, merfolk have our own laws that strictly forbid us to reveal our true selves to nonmagical humans. We can live our life on land if we so choose, but due to serious and unforeseen circumstances, my family was trapped inland and we had to live out of the water for long time. During this time, I hadn't met anybody of magical origin and basically grew up going to Muggle schools. I managed to secretly find a Course on Dragonology at the age of 9, and after joining the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists, (and later the American equivalent after its establishment in recent years,) I took the full course offered therein, originally written by Doctor Earnest Drake himself. I became a Certified master at 12, in 2006, and have devoted my life on land to furthering my knowledge and protecting and conserving these creatures I love so dearly.

It was also around those years I learned that there actually were humans in the country that can practice magic, as I finally met one also trapped in the Muggle schools and she became my best friend for life, my sister. Thanks to her being nosy and prompting my parents, my mother finally revealed to me that the human half of me is also magic, and her mother's family comes from a long line of witches and wizards from Ireland and Scotland, and some even Norse. My mother's father's half of the family is extended from the Royal Lineage of the North Atlantic Ocean. Our families met near the Scottish shores, and in 1903 took a chartered boat to America, landing in a cold northern city. Mother told me since i was nearing my 11th birthday, it would soon be time to go to a magical school. Excitedly, I waited and waited for a letter to a prodigious school, and being in America I expected that to be Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Alas, it never came.

I continued my Muggle education, graduating high school in 2013. Then I decided Muggle college was pointless as I wanted my life's work to be the conservation and protection of dragons. However, during my late teenage and early adult years, the aforementioned circumstances that trapped my family on land found its way to our city and I had to help my family fight a war generations long and restore peace in our underwater kingdom. I left land for almost six years for this. It turns out some long gone great grandparent stole an artefact from the Royal Treasury, and ran away far inland where most merfolk refuse to go. Those of us that have the power to control our magic with our voice, aka Sirens, Royal and Peasant alike, can help restore power where it belongs underwater. We were welcomed back with open fins, but I've spent so much time on land I didn't want to permanently leave. So we swim and hang with fellow family and friends underwater when we can, and otherwise my life is here on land.

I've never had a wand until recently, when I was really being accepted into wizardkind. Merfolk focus their magic with a piece of enchanted jewelry, like a Ring or Necklace, and we draw energy and charge our magic with the influence of the Full Moon. I've learned a lot from my witch and wizard friends, and I've taught them some mermaid potion recipes, and even some Siren songs, although it won't work if they use them, magic or not! As long as the Mermaid Council doesn't catch word that maybe, possibly I've revealed my mermaid status to a Muggle once or twice, everything is great! I still wished I could have experienced true magical education though...

And now, I am! I am a quarter of a hundred years old, and NOW my letter finds its way to me? I was on an expedition in the Highlands of Scotland, when I decided to take a break in the nearby wizarding community of Hogsmeade. Suddenly I receive the most important missive, the one I've been waiting for since I turned eleven years old: My Letter of Acceptance, to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'm obviously not the right age for being a First Year, but I'm beyond excited to finally get started and dive into the world I knew I was a part of all along.

During my six years back home in the Kingdom, during the Final Battles of the War of the Atlantic North between 2011 and 2017, I was unfortunately kidnapped and trapped for some time, and hurt. I escaped with my life and with two children, born under force during captivity, and we live together now here on land. I still don't know if they will have the transformative powers of merfolk, or even magical talent period. I'm excited to see their potentials and I hope to continue bridging the gaps between the human and mermaid worlds. UPDATE: My youngest, my daughter, has shown signs of both magic and mermaid prepubescence! She has had fleeting scales on her arms and thighs, and strange things happen around her. Have yet to confirm if her singing holds power, meaning if she'll be a Siren like her mother. My son, who is older, hasn't blatantly shown signs of magic but he has the deep set dark eyes of our merclan. Mermen half breeds take longer to go through puberty anyway so let's see! UPDATE AGAIN: My daughter has officially gone through her first metamorphosis!! I'm beyond excited. She has a crystalline ice blue tail. I couldn't be prouder! I've had a matching crown of pearls made for her already :3 If anyone is interested, my mermaid instagram is @mermaid_muir_opal and I'll be showing her off soon :3 UPDATE2: My son has metamorphosed himself! I am a proud mother, even if the status was unwilling. My son's tail is colored like the fires of sunset, with subtle blues. Our merfamily is complete! Both children, hopefully, will receive their wizarding school letters upon turning 11. They'll make me so proud :3
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