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Ambitious, extroverted, half-blood Slytherin whom the hat wanted to put in Gryffindor. Wants to specialize in weather-modification magic.

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Age: 11
Birthday: February 1 (Aquarius)
Year: 1
Blood Status: Half-blood
Hair: Medium short and brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Skin: caucasian but tans easily
Height: 4’4”
Scars: left eyebrow from a bike accident, hair just won’t grow back
Birth Country: USA, immigrated with parents (British birth mother, a witch [Mom], and American mother, a Muggle [Ma]) at age 6 after I began showing signs of magical aptitude to guarantee a proper Hogwarts letter and not silly American schools (Mom's words, not mine).
Siblings: 1 very older brother, Henry

Personality: ENTJ - fiercely independent, logical (can seem insensitive), strong-willed, ambitious, outspoken (can seem bossy or judgmental), determined, high self-confidence (can seem arrogant), adaptable, fierce loyalty, and a protective streak a mile wide. Also likely to forget what was served at breakfast. Unimportant details don't stick. Sometimes important ones too....

Likes: animals, weather (the stormier the better!), bacon cheeseburgers
Dislikes: spiders, being sick, showing negative emotions
Hobbies: storm watching, reading, intricate board games

Wand: Maple with unicorn hair, 10 3/4” supple
Pet: orange shorthair tabby named Fitzwilliam
Patronus: none yet
Favorite Class: Charms!
Boggart: clown

When the sorting hat was put on my head, it was a clear, but not immediate, choice for Gryfindor. I halted the hat before it count place me and asked for something else. When queried as to why, I told the Sorting Hat that I wanted to grow personally, and being around a bunch of similar personalities and like-minded wizards was not going to help me do that. Even at age 11 I was a rationalist. My mom said I watched too much Star Trek on TV (Ma's a Muggle and Mom never appreciated pop culture) and it's not healthy for a kid to be so rational. Spock was always my favorite. So anyway, the Sorting Hat took a long moment and asked me what sort of personalities I wanted to be around. I already knew I was a studious type, so Ravenclaw would be a good fit (and Mom was a Ravenclaw), but I didn't want my life to revolve around a library. I am very friendly and outgoing, so Hufflepuff would also work, but it wouldn't challenge me in my quest for personal growth. It had to be Slytherin. Despite only having one Wizarding parent, I was ready to take the plunge into the "pureblood" house and turn them upside down, while also gaining a thicker skin and life lessons in dealing with adversity and deeply abiding loyalty, the likes of which I've only dreamed of. Emotions are hard, okay.

I wasn't told about Hogwarts prior to my 11th birthday, but being a February baby (born on my mom's birthday, like magic or something!), I had plenty of time to adjust and Mom taught me loads of great things and regaled me with stories of her days. As a kid, I always wanted to be a meteorologist. Mom assured me that I could still follow my passion. I would need to excel in charms, though, as that is the school of magic where I would be spending much of my time: weather-modifying charms, to be precise. As such, I can often be found doing extra practice with Professor Flitwick, or outside on the grounds practicing my wand motions and attempting to make rain and snow. My other favorite classes are Astronomy, Arithmancy when I get to third year (self-taught, apparently), and Transfiguration, due to their applications toward weather prediction and modification. I don't want to lose my connection to my Muggle heritage, so I do intend to attend college and become a meteorologist once I complete my studies at Hogwarts. I plan to take Muggle courses over summer holiday so that I don't fall too behind in those studies, but I will still probably have to delay college a year or so to completely catch up, since upper level math and science classes will be absolutely necessary.
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