Elois Augustin Grey

Ghost(but still a student)

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Hi my name is Elois (pleas don't mistake me as a boy just because of my name)

my family
my father is the cousin of Sirius Black his name is Taurus Aries Black but he prefered his mother's last name and my real mother's name was Shopie Victoria White. My stepmothers name is Clair Alia Forgent.

My Backstory
I was bor into a pureblood family and even if I just was a little kid my nose always stuck in a book. I went to kindergarden with my best Friend Zeo. Sadly my mother past away when I was 7 years old and my father wound a new wife, even if i don't really get along with her. I still enyojed my life like every other young witch or wizard. When I was 9 years old I suddenly died because of a heart attack. But I came back as a ghost. Even if I wasn't alive anymore I wanted to go to Hogwarts. So I decidet to have a talk with a good friend of my father and headmaster of Hogwarts Dambledore. He really wanted to help that I could go to Hogwarts. Other then the other children I had to make a little test and signe some paper. The papers were about rules that I had to obey for exaple that I am not allowed to fly trew walls and people. I sucsessfully past the test and signet all papers. Now I am in Hogwarts and learn like a normal student, even if it is harder.

My chatackter
You could say that I am a nerd. i love to learn, read and everything that goes with it. I still love spending time with my best friend Zeo even she is not in the same house as me. When I am outside I am more shy but if I am with my friends I am way more open and a little wild. I like to help friends with homework(or other members of my house). In classes I am activ and know the most awnsers.

I make my Homework very well and not on the last minute like my best friend, I also learn a lot. The most of my holidays I spent in Hogwarts or at my friends house, because of my step mom. In my free time I read, learn, write stories, hang out with Zeo, listen to music, draw and some other stuff. I often talk with Porträs and other ghosts in Hogwarts.My friend always helps me even if I get "bullied" because of my ghost being. Also I fight them my self but that doesn't always end well, so she helps me to calm down again

This is everything about my for the first..Bye

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