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this is my first year at Hogwarts's and it's been the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me, and that's saying a lot cause my family comes from a long line of witches and wizards, most of them have been Ravenclaws but i really want to be a Gryffendor even before i put on the sorting hat, so when i got sorted into Gryffendor i was ecstatic.this year's been amazing, first of all, after my second quidditch lesson with madam hooch, professor Mcgonagall came right out onto the field and told me to try out for the quidditch team. i tried out and got the one of the biggest surprises of the year, i got on the team. my dad's a huge quidditch fan and when he heard i was going to be playing chaser he bought me a firebolt! now every day since i got on the team I've been practicing my quidditch. most of the kids the first year have no idea what job they want after school, but ever since an auror came to school for a week cause there was apparently some dark wizard hiding at school (spoiler alert, there wasn't) but after i saw what the auror did i knew i was mean to be one. my mom doesn't want me to be one cause apparently she had an uncle who was one, and he dies. but my dad is all for it, he thinks it would be a great job, especially for me. once i realized how much schooling you needed to become an auror i was a little intimidated, but i got down to business and studied harder than ever. i've made a ton of friends in gryffendor, slytherin (i know everyone in my dorm thinks i'm crazy to, but i think they're nice) and even a few huffelpuffs. but the ravenclaws and i are out to get each other, i learned i had a special talent in dueling and 'accidentally' took out seven of their first years. now i thought it was fine at first, just a friendly rivalry, but it became a bit of a problem during Christmas break. we had the big christmas party at our house like usual, but i had forgotton that almost all my cousins were Ravenclaws and they all ganged up on me, and i ended up wrapped tight in Christmas ribbons and locked in what our ancesters used as the dunguns in years ago. but me and my friends got them back after break. lets just say madam pomfry had her hands full.
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