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I am a student at hogwarts school of which craft and wizardry and after much debate with the sorting hat to not place me in slytherin i was placed in ravenclaw. My family was very disappointed. I guess you could say i am the black sheep of the Malfoy family. Its not easy to be the younger sister of Draco Malfoy but i have to make it work. Professor McGonagle helps me get through it. Shes very understanding of the fact i am very much not going to follow in my family footsteps of becoming deatheaters. I want to be an arthimancer and be in the order of the pheoenix. My uncle Sirius Black says i'm too young to join right now but i don't see so as i'm very mature only a matter of months younger than Harry. My best friends are so funny and help me remember why i'm here, they are Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley. They're amazing. I love to talk to Hermionie about all things muggle too. If i wasn't so interested in arthimancy i'd totally become a muggle expert. I was born October 27 1980 and i am a scorpio. Astrology is possibly my third favourite subject to study, after arithmancy and muggle studies of course.

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