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Hey! Names Damien. I'm transgender (Ftm) so He/Him pronouns, gay and I'm 19 almost 20. Hope that we can be friends!

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I was sorted into Slytherin after a long conversation with the sorting hat. You see, I am not your normal student that you would encounter in the halls of Hogwarts. I am originally from Canada, running away from a situation which I would rather not disclose. I knew that I had magic since Normals (What people in Britain call Muggles) and Magics are one and the same. I had been learning magic on my own for years, which is no easy feat. Anyways, getting off track here. So I came to Hogwarts, knowing of it's reputation of course. It was simple actually, I just walked right through the front door. Being 16 I can say that the professors and Headmaster was rightly surprised at my appearance, but they welcomed me in with open arms... after a multitude of spells to make sure I was no going to cause anyone any harm. After testing my magical abilities, it was safe to say that I am strong, but have no real education background. So I was going to be placed in first year to make sure that understood the theory of everything. I was sorted last at the sorting ceremony, and like I said, it was Slytherin which became my house. But that was after a long discussion with the Sorting Hat who said that I would be good anywhere they placed me... but least of all Slytherin. However, I felt like I could make a difference, so... here I am. A possible muggle born in the den of snakes, who would have thunk it. I know that there is going to be some problems with that... but who knows what will really happen. I hope that I will be able to grasp the theory quickly and fly through Hogwarts in order to make an impact in the real world, helping children who are too young to understand and help themselves.
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