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Originally I thought I would be placed in Ravenclaw. I am clever, smart, resourceful, and determined. The only thing was that I didn’t value those things. My whole life I had easily passed tests without studying or working hard. School, education, and learning was easy for me, therefore I didn’t value it. I did value bravery. My whole life I had done a few particularly brave things, but not enough to immediately make me think I could be a Gryffindor. I was brave because I knew what to do in what situation. I was not one of the very rare hatstalls, however. The Sorting Hat took a minute and a half to decide where my loyalties lie, and, in the end, it chose Gryffindor. I was skeptical at first, but after I knew the hat made the right decision. My favorite class is Charms, but my best is DADA. My least favorite is definitely History if Magic, but I do fairly well in it. I also don’t particularly enjoy Herbology. I’m half ‘n half. Me mum’s a witch. Me dad’s a wizard. ‘Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out. My pops accepted it, though, on account of how in love he is with my mum. I was not around during the time Moldy Voldy (yeah, I’ll mock him) came to power. I am in the same year as Albus Severus (true). I hope to be a auror when I finish school. I realize it is a lot of training, responsibility, risk, and hard work, but I wouldn’t be able to sit around while someone was in danger. In my later years I may want to become a professor to better young minds for their future. Overall, I want to make the best of my magic.
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