we've lost it

anyone else have a bunch of rps that they need to respond to but the rps are just boring so you put it in another tab and ignore it?

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♔Age: 17

♔Sexuality: Bisexual

♔Status: Single

♔Friends: -None

♔Personality: Funny, thoughtful, quiet

♔Nicknames: -None

♔FC: Jordan Doww




»Age: 18

»Sexuality: Gay

»Status: taken

»Friends: -Levi (bean) -Christian -Akira

»Personality: sweet, funny, and ambiverted

»Nicknames: -muffin (bean)

»FC: Joshua Forsberg


me and Akira

bean-hey levi, thanks for being such a great friend

christian-thank you for being my friend ^-^

akira- thanks for being there for me, love you



‣Age: 17

‣Sexuality: Straight

‣Status: Single

‣Friends: -None

‣Personality: Outgoing, fun, adventurous

‣Nicknames: -None

‣FC: Jordy Baan




◇Age: 19

◇Sexuality: Gay

◇Status: Taken

◇Friends: -Sydney

◇Personality: Melancholy, quiet, haphephobia

◇Nicknames: -None

◇FC: Aidan Alexander


Me and my cutie-

riley-hey cutie patootie thanks for being mine, you make me really happy (: <3



♣Age: 18

♣Sexuality: Bisexual

♣Status: Single

♣Friends: -None

♣Personality: Territorial, sarcastic, funny

♣Nicknames: -None

♣FC: Amerigo Valenti





❉Age: 17

❉Sexuality: Bisexual

❉Status: Single

❉Friends: -None

❉Personality: Outgoing, kind, funny

❉Nicknames: -None

❉FC: Signa Mae




☀Age: 19

☀Sexuality: Lesbian

☀Status: Single

☀Friends: -None

☀Personality: Tough, closed off, temperamental

☀Nicknames: -None

☀FC: Andrea Russett




❥Age: 17

❥Sexuality: Straight

❥Status: Single

❥Friends: -None

❥Personality: Shy, quiet, sweet

❥Nicknames: - None

❥FC: Hannah Rylee




♬Age: 18

♬Sexuality: Pansexual

♬Status: Single

♬Friends: -Sydney (Riley)(Ri-Ri)

♬Personality: Sweet, ambivert, artsy

♬Nicknames: -None

♬FC: Madi Monroe


Me and Ri-Ri

ri-ri-hey babe, i love you bitch thanks for dealing with my annoying ass xoxo



❀Age: 19

❀Sexuality: Straight

❀Status: Single

❀Friends: -None

❀Personality: Happy-go-lucky, positive, friendly

❀Nicknames: -None

❀FC: Addison




✎Age: 18

✎Sexuality: Bisexual

✎Status: Taken

✎Friends: -Cheyenne

✎Personality: Shy, quiet, introverted

✎Nicknames: -None

✎FC: Zoe Laverne


chey-hey baby girl thanks for sticking with me no matter what. i love you <3 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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