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Harry Potter O.C's

~ Main Harry Potter OC ~

Name: Nyx Reyes

Gender: Cis Female (She/They)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Nyx has pale white skin and is quite bony/skinny. She has naturally short, wavy white hair. She has a few freckles on her face, neck, and shoulders along with a large birthmark on her collarbone and right knee. 

House: Slytherin

Pet: Balinese Cat. Her fur is mainly white but her paws, ears, tail and face are a deep brown colour. She also has very blue eyes. 

I barely remember my Mother. When I was of young age she had died of brain cancer, leaving me to be the only girl in the house. I never really saw my Dad either. He was always out working. To be honest, it sometimes felt as though my Dad left us as well. Having no parents there to raise me, the responsibility was left with my 5 brothers and they definitely weren’t a great influence on me. I’ve been described as immature, aggressive, and distracting countless times. At school, the teachers hated me though my fellow classmates felt the opposite. There was no denying that I was a class favourite, no matter what situation I could always make someone laugh. My life back home was great, besides the regular bad grades. One night, my Dad came home at his usual late hour, carrying the same letters often about school fees and bills. I was in the kitchen at the time, washing the dishes as it was my bloody turn. An envelope slid beside me as my Dad walked past, staying silent. With no hesitation, I ripped the envelope open as my mind filled with curiosity. In no way did I actually think this would be the outcome. A letter…claiming I was a witch? The house phone’s ringtone soon echoed throughout the house and after a race of who would pick it up between my brothers and I, the caller was revealed to be a relative from my Mum’s side that no one, not even my Dad, knew existed. Suddenly my new and confusing life was set. I was sent to move in with my new Aunt Ezra who explained everything. Turns out there is a lot I don’t know about me or my family. Now, I’m off to start my journey at Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry…What the hell am I in for?

Name: Alex Wright
House: Hufflepuff
Patronus: Alaskan malamute
Pet: Northern white-faced owl
Gender: Male
Interests: Potions and Herbology
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Blonde hair with brown roots. Tall with a bit of muscle. Tanned skin with freckles on the face and body. Hazel eyes with long eyelashes. Sometimes will put make-up on, usually when by themself.
When I was younger, probably in my baby years, I was dropped off at an orphanage. No letter, no objects, just me. But that hasn't stopped me from being who I am! The orphanage I was raised at was amazing, the other orphans and workers were so nice! They were obviously the first to actually make me feel like I mattered. But that all was lost after some man came and just had to chose me to take home. I knew it was bound to happen, I mean this is what orphanages were for but I honestly just wanted to stay there forever. That place was where I grew up, it was my home. Weeks past and I couldn't help but notice how different my new caretaker was different than the other ones I was used to. He didn't have the same happy aura that everyone back at home did. He was bland and never said a word to me. The only communication that happened in that house was the servant's teaching. I really ever saw him at dinner and even then the only sound that was made was the knife and fork hitting the plates. One day though a white barn owl came flying inside. I didn't think much of it since he was a wealthy man so he probably had a whole flock of them until I noticed something in its claws. An envelope? What the hell was an owl carrying a letter for? Then the weirdest thing happened, my caretaker seemed to be...smiling? After reading the note, he was practically jumping up and down as if he was a little kid that just got the toy he wanted. He suddenly came running towards me. For the first time since I moved into this place, he was showing affection towards me. After he let me have a turn in reading the letter that was addressed to me, I was shocked by what inside. I was meant to go to a school...for wizards? He soon explained everything to me even why he adopted me. Now ever since the letter came David, my caretaker has put all of his efforts into forming a bond with me! Which is great I guess. I just hope when the day comes I can make friends with everyone there!

Olympus Role-play
Name: Narcissa
Godly Parent: Artemis
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Aro/Ace
Weapon: Bow and arrow (just like her Mother) Her bow and arrows are placed on her back making it easier for her to grab the weapons. Her bow is made of wood with strange carvings on it.
Appearance: Hair is brunette and white streaks in it, long and messy. Vitiligo is all over the body but is shown more on the shoulders, arms, and face. Will usually have some type of environment from outside on her (twigs/leaf in hair, mud on face and other) Usually wears old, baggy, ripped pants but will sometimes wear shorts depending on the weather. She isn't one for wearing shoes, so she mostly shows up in bare feet. Wears long-sleeved collared white shirt with the arms often rolled up. Her eyes can change to a blue or green but mostly a bright, grey-blue.
Life for me was always a surprise. Even my birth was, you see my mother isn't exactly meant to become pregnant. She's a virgin goddess. So you could imagine the reaction, my mother got after finding out about the little girl living inside of her. Luckily, I was kept and was soon brought into the world. I grew up with my mother and the forest, I never really met anyone besides the wandering humans. I ended up inheriting most of my mother's skills and powers like her archery skills, the ability to turn myself and others into animals. Growing up in the woods I ended up receiving a connection with the animals and plants there as if I could talk to them. One day my mother ended up enrolling me in a school. I couldn't say I was excited, I liked where I was at the moment. But now that I'm at school my opinion hasn't changed. People there were just something I couldn't seem to understand. Don't get me wrong, there are some good students there but the rest is just...I don't even know how to describe them. So that's my story, it's not interesting I know.

Apocalyptic Character
Name: Saskia
Gender: Cis Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Weapons: Guns, knifes/daggers, and a bat.
Appearance: Her hair is black and is badly cut to her shoulders. She is quite tall with a strong build. Her skin is naturally olive and has one grey and one brown eye. She wears a dirty, white tank top along with a baggy navy green jacket that stores some of her weapons. She has Army pants that is poorly cut into pants and wears a pair of comfortable and useful black boots. The only accessory she wears is her father's dog tag from the war. 
Abilities: She has a good aim when it comes to shooting and throwing things from a distance. She is strong, fast and has great stamina. Knows basic first aid.
Weaknesses: Doesn't know how to attack/defend without her weapons. Paranoid. She does not know how to strategise a situation and just goes to attack. 

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