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I Am Amanda Nox, that much I know.... But after that things get fuzzy. I remember my childhood, and growing up as a muggle I even remember getting married and having kids, and then a huge hairy man handed me a letter with a big H on the seal and BAM!!! I'm a teenager again and My memories are all a blur. He tells me I'm a witch and I'm needed at Hogwarts a school of witchcraft and wizardry. Wait what? Shouldn't I be afraid? What is going on? But then he smiles at me and pats me on the shoulder. Don't you fret Miss Amanda all this will be waiting for you when you choose to come back. Mark my words it will be as if ya never left. But we need you at Hogwarts! You being there could change Everything. Won't you please come? I looked at the letter and I can see the sorrow in his eyes, " Something really bad happened didn't It? " I said sadly. Hagrid sniffed and sipped a tear from this cheek "yes miss Amanda something terrible happened and now we are setting things right! Going back and getting those we missed the first time. We need you will you please help us?
" alright Hagrid I'll go, do I need anything? Just your locket Miss Amanda that be your ticket home."
He waved his umbrella and from inside the house that now looked strange came a silver locket that had a young girl and boy and a handsome man smiling back at me inside.
"Let's be off then to diagon alley" and away we flew on his moter bike to a place I've never heard of to help people I don't know and yea I'm like 15 great what could possibly go wrong
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