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I was sorted into Slytherin for my ambition and leadership capabilities. The Sorting Hat thought long and hard about whether to put my in Slytherin or Hufflepuff. I know, being both a Snake and a Badger seems contradictory, but it is who I am. I'm ambitious and hardworking. But, eventually the hat made me a Slytherin.
I like DADA the most. I love spells and have a soft spot for the Dark Arts (don't tell anyone). I absolutely despise divination. I've done well in Herbology even though I find it quite boring.
Oh, I'm the typical prueblood Slytherin. My family is very strict about our blood purity. I believe I've had a marriage arranged since age 5. Still, I've never met him and don't plan on it. I feel like my blood status has affected how others think of me. They percieve me to be an unapproachable, better-that-you pureblood. In reality, I am very friendly and wish the whole discrimination based on blood would stop.
My family only recently moved back to the UK. My father and mother both graduated from Hogwarts and were just married by the time You-know-who rose to power. Although the rest of my family were Death Eaters, my parents never were. Some might call them cowards, but they fled to America. They were already expecting me and just wanted a quiet life. My family went into hiding. Magic was never mentioned in my life until I started showing strong abilities around 7. I was just told I was special. At the age of 10, I moved with my family back to the UK, so I could attend Hogwarts. My father now works at the Ministry and my mother is a healer.
I don't know if I am particularly skilled in one specific area, but I would like to believe that I am good at spells -both defensive and offensive. My weakness, even though I hide it, is my compassion. I don't like when others see it because they think I am soft and useless.
After schooling, I look forward to starting a family with someone other than the man I am pledged to. I hope to work as a healer. I love to use spells, but I hope I am still good at fixing them.
The thing I love about magic is that it can be both powerful in healing and destroying. I know that sounds odd. My helpful, healing side clashes with my somewhat reckless side. I wish to help with magic, but I fell as though I will always be selfish in the end. Just like my parents. They wanted to help, but had to help themselves as well.
The fact that my parents ran away to America has caused a huge split in my family. The others thought they should have stayed and joined He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as Death Eaters. Despite their differences, the two sides are united in their desire for our family's blood to remain pure. They have disowned and even married each other.
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