Omer fuss

Your Character, student.

An huffelpuff's student, first year on Hogwarts, my mom is the deffense against the dark arts and huffelpuff's head of house

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 15 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Israel


I born in israel to a half-blood family, my mom was in a seceret mission for the wizards public in israel, and my father worked in a stupid bar. until they meet sometime on the bar. And then I came, and they decided to move to uk, for i will learn in hogwarts when i bee on my 11th year...The same year we decided to move to the UK, the Dark Forces defense professor resigned, my mother took advantage of it and decided to try to get a job, (She didn't care ... because since Harry killed Voldemort, the curse on the job was removed, by the way Harry Potter, my mother was One of Harry's good friends in his early years after school, and they're still in touch, and I can tell you that Ginny and Harry are really nice), well And that's how it was ten years before I turned eleven and started studying at Hogwarts, the sorting hat belonged to me in the huffelpuff house, i became to be luna mark's boyfriend (shes on ravenclaw), and now came the covid 19 and all this so the school year was frosen, and thats how we got in to present. Im good on quidditch, my biggest fear is from high (and spiders...), But i ignoring it and playing, I also have Tourette Syndrome, yeah, when i was small the kids always got me dropped because of it. Emm...My best feature is that I'm kind. My worst feature in my opinion is that I am too sensitive. My dad is unemployed now, but my mom got the frofessor job. Emm...whats more...emm...oh, Neville is one of my frofessors, and my mom is also huffelpuff's head of house. My favourite food is a mugleg food. My favorite profession is the defense of the dark arts and the profession I am best at is spells, thats all i think, I'll let you know if I mention something important.
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