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Hey! I'm always happy to talk!! For those of you who liked The Lost Snake; I'm terribly sorry but The Lost Snake will no longer update here on HiH.

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Name: Finnley Oakreey
House: Gryffindor
Year: 4th
Blood Status: Pureblood
Wand: Willow, Phoenix feather core, 12 1/2in, good for charms and protecting
Patronus: Husky
Favorite Subjects: Charms, DADA, Care of Magical creatures
Hobbies: Art (of all kinds), caring and playing with all my creature friends, and writing.

My life is pretty normal. I have 2 pureblood parents, so it was no surprise when my letter came saying I was accepted into Hogwarts. I have a strong love for Care of Magical Creatures, DADA, and charms. I'm a pureblood but I didn't show any signs of magic until I was 9, my parents were afraid that I was a squib and was going to ruin our pureblood line, but I'm not a squib. I love to draw/paint, write, care for all my creature friends, read certain books, and hang out with all my friends. I don't judge based off of one's blood status, house, gender, etc, but I do judge by one's personality. I'm always happy to chat! ( Please search for The Lost Snake in the library! It's the fanfiction I'm writing!!! This account is basically one big roleplay of who I would be if I was in Hogwarts)
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