Martha Moon


Capricorn who loves to jam to the Weird Sisters on vinyl and hang out with my cat, Pepper. I heard the ghost of Bowie hangs at Hogwarts, where is he?

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Martha Moon has always been ordinary. She grew up with her adopted family in a standard suburban home outside of Boston. Her parents, both muggles, adopted Martha later in life as an act of compassion toward Martha's bio-mom. Martha grew up with the knowledge that she was adopted, but she did not know magic. A brisk January morning, on her 11th birthday, her magic was revealed by a strange letter and an aggravating owl. Life for Martha has been everything but ordinary since.

General Information:

Name: Martha R. Moon
Nickname: Marty
Civil status: Long distance relationship with a wizard that attends Ilvermorny.
Age: 16
Birthplace: Unknown.
Childhood town: Salem, Massachusetts, USA.
Blood Status: Unknown.

Wand: Vinewood with a unicorn hair core, 11 ½" and quite bendy flexibility.
Pet: Pepper the hair-less cat. (He's an adorable Sphynx, she knits him sweaters and hats quite often.)
Patronus: Rabbit

General Appearance:

Martha has long brown wavy hair that she regularly wears loose. She will often trim her bangs in times of high-stress. These seldomly planned trims have resulted in bangs that are somewhat lopsided. Her eyes are hazel and bulged, which gives them a bug-like appearance. Due to her muggle upbringing, Martha prefers to wear muggle clothes over wizarding robes. Her favorite outfit consists of her trusty denim overalls with a marron knitted sweater.

In her spare time, Martha enjoys hanging out with the house-elves and cooking rich, fragrant Indian curries. She also knits while listening to vintage records that she acquires in second-hand shops. So far, her only regret about transferring to Hogwarts is that she no longer has access to her record player.

(Martha is a character created and ran by a millennial female from the USA. Pictures are from the film, Diary of a Teenage Girl, and Pepper the cat is actually Xherdan the sphynx on Instagram. I hope you enjoy my quirky character creation.)
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