Síodhacháin Deeley

Spell Researcher

Where I am from and where I am going are two very different places. Or maybe they are both the same path with different visions.

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I learned to be an animagus from an early age, long before I thought about any school of magic. If you find the right people in the wrong areas, you can learn anything with enough time and practice. Living in Egypt, mandrakes (Mandragora officinarum) were not hard to retrieve. They say that the ancients used to cultivate them for health, vigor, and longevity (and also mixed with alcohol, a very tranquil stage of drunkenness). And in a land so full of history and lore, the dense atmosphere of magic can be enough to make one's mind wander towards those arts. Sometimes the darker ones, I'm not proud to say. Yet, after a few encounters with officials of the ministry, I decided that this life was not for me. I settled in my mind that I would begin a quest for knowledge and soon realized that to progress my skills, school was the only option for an unyielding mind like my own. At Uagadou School of Magic, I excelled at astronomy, transfiguration, and defense against the Dark Arts (not surprising considering my past). After graduating from Uagadou, I returned to Egypt to focus on revealing more secrets from the ancients wizards and witches long forgotten. You know, people still don't realize that hieroglyphics show wizards and witches that practiced selftransfiguration?

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